NuGet Package restore failed for project in Visual Studio

Moving to a new computer made me test out a new organization of my development projects. Before I always have placed this on the root of the drive, in example C:\Projects. After doing a lot of work in WSL and Ubuntu lately, I though why not try out to use my user’s home directory like is more common when working in Linux. Change is not always good and this time this led med into trouble. Restoring a larger project in Visual Studio failed when installing the NuGet Packages:

The error states “The NuGet Package restore failed for project …”. Checking the folder in the error message only showed me that it was empty - no .dll’s to be found. Tried to rebuild, restore, re-this and re-that without any help.


The problem ended up being the reason why you should keep to the pattern of storing the source code at a root folder. My projects folder hierarchy was simply to deep, making the folder path exceeding the limits of Windows.

Moving the folder back down to C:\Projects solved the NuGet package issue.

Example of suggested organization of development projects: