"Create a team" is missing in Microsoft Teams

I came across a rare scenario when I was going to convert an existing Office 365 group to a Team. In Microsoft Teams ( https://teams.microsoft.com) I was unable to find the "Create a team" button. In my case I was logged on as a Global Admin and thought that I ruled the whole world, but then again no.


In Microsoft Teams:

  1. Selected "Add team" in the lower right
  2. Expected to find the "Create a team" button (but where is it?)


In this tenant the creation of Office 365 groups had been restricted for the end-users. This includes setting a AD group with the users allowed to do this.

Tips: How to restrict Office 365 Groups creation

My Global Admin user was not added to this AD group. It turns out a requirement for also converting existing group to teams also are affected by this policy. So simply by adding my user into this group I was able to see the missing button:


When restricting creation of Office 365 Groups, admin users must also explicit be added to this group to maintain full control over Groups and Teams creation.