20 thoughts on “The Managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available in SharePoint 2013

  1. Hi, this worked fine with our environment, but do you happen to know what is causing this because this seems to happen for no apparent reason, and how to prevent this from happening?

  2. Dette er en rar, men helt flott løsning 🙂 Testet bare endre db/endre tilbake – Ok. Bra jobba Are 🙂

  3. That is so bizarre. Your solution worked like a champ (after I monkeyed with every permission possible following all the Microsoft official answers). Thanks!!

  4. Worked like a champ after banging my head against official instructions full of Microsoft permission solutions. bizarre, but thank you!

  5. Thank you. You are a life saver! Would have never thought about doing something like this to fix the problem. Isn’t SharePoint marvelous? Always something new to throw at us. On-premise can’t go away soon enough. Yes, let us hope that it is also our own fault for not having updated to latest CU – but who knows…

  6. THANK YOU! Nothing else worked for me after trying multiple solutions multiple times. So glad you shared!

  7. Hi , I Tried this , however the issue was not fixed , This issue has started after a recent upgrade to SharePoint 2013. I created a New Managed meta data service application and set the database name as the one I already had in the old MMS Application. Now I do not have any term sets in the term store. I am lost. 😦

  8. That saved me hours THANKS so much. In my case it was the perfect solution, did not recreate the Meta Data Service, only renamed the database and renamed back to the original Name, after that just an IISRESET was necessary, and everything ok.

    i just wonder why MS does not know about this…….

  9. Thanks Are. It works for me.
    Yesterday my system guys did some work for SQL server because the SQL server space is 0
    and they said only deleting history.
    Actually I did create new DB for managed metadata and then tried to reuse the original DB but it didn’t work. The key point is setting Term Store Administrator again.
    Thanks again.

  10. Didn’t work out me me. I was using an existing applicaiton pool acount that I used for User Profile service application. I created a new application pool account and it worked out.

  11. Thank you I tried all different steps mentioned in all different articles. Your post helped me to solve the issue. Best Regards,

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